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Our story began when bunch of villagers and cottagers were frustrated about how tennis courts in the area were let to deteriorate as unplayable. And the whole area was in bad condition. So the group decided to take steps to fix the tennis courts. But that wasn`t the whole story.

Quite fast this group started to think about what other activities this area could offer. Then came the idea of a padel court. Padel has been a huge success in sertain European countries and also already fastly growing in Finland also. It`s a game that combines features from tennis and squash. It`s fun and social doubles game that suits for everyone. Wonderful outdoor sport.

But we were still curious to find something really new to do in the area for the whole family. And then one of us remembered seeing something interesting and fun last summer. It was a new kind of minigolf rink called Adventure Golf. Then we all looked into it and got really excited. Adventure Golf brings the minigolf experience in to a whole new level and it`s a fun activity for all ages. Twelve holes of fun for everybody.

And at the end we were happy to realize how the frustration about unplayable tenis courts brought lots of new things to do for the villagers and visitors at Mathildedal.


Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf lifts up the minigolf experience into a whole new level. Twelve holes are built in strong concrete and hilly elements sets the course nicely as a part of the land it situates. Different hikes and declines make the playing interesting. Not to mention different water elements curves.
Adventure Golf is suitable for everyone and is a unique experiencee in the middle of Mathildedal. Come and see if you can get the hole in one! Adults 11 €; Children under 12 years 7 €



This super hot and fairly new sport of padel is now in the heart of Mathildedal. It`s a fairly new sport in Finland, but growing all the time. Even though it combines the elements of tennis and squash it`s a unique sport of its own. It`s easy to learn and its rules are quite simple. Not like many other ball games, players on different levels can play meaningfully against each others.Padel is a fun experience for all ages. Come and get to know the secrets of this new game!  24-32 € / hour.


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For sure tennis is the most well known sport at Mathildedal`s Keskuspuisto area. Classic that needs no introduction. We can proudly say that our courts are premium quality. Edel Advance Red Court is all-weather court made with high class materials. It is said to be the ultimate alternative to clay. And we at Keskuspuisto are proud to say that this kind of a court is first of a kind in Finland. 

Court is suitable for players at all level, but for a little more experienced players might appreciate the information that it has ITF classified court pace – 1 slow. Come and try!

Tennis 16-22 € / h.

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Opening hours

In September Adventure Minigolf & Kiosk are open Sat and Sun 12  – 16 .

Tennis and Padelcourts can be booked freely. We’re sorry, but so far no evening lights on Tennis/Padel courts.